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Multi-channel switched trigger combiner

The Mutinator is a "human interface module" and can best be described as a multi-channel switched trigger combiner. It features 4 parallel channels, each with two switched inputs and a single output. Within each channel the inputs are combined using analog OR logic and sent to the output, whose activity is indicated by an LED. The operation of the switches is ON-OFF-(ON). In the ON position the corresponding input's signal passes to the combiner. In the OFF setting, that input is muted. The (ON) setting is known as "momentary-on" — in this position the signal will pass to the output, but the switch is spring-loaded and will return to the OFF position as soon as you release the lever. This allows you to more easily "play" the switches in a performance situation.

Unlike some other trigger-combiner designs, this module contains active circuitry. Incoming pulses are reduced in amplitude by the logic section but an output amplifier compensates for this. In addition, the level of the incoming pulses is limited to protect the module. This means you can run any positive-voltage trigger or gate source in your studio into the inputs without fear of causing damage to the module. This limiter also prevents the Mutinator from producing an output voltage above ~10.2v, which makes the outputs safe for any other modules in your Eurorack modular synthesizer.

Please note that this module is designed to pass trigger and gate signals only. It does not faithfully preserve the level of the input signal nor will it pass any voltage below 0V. It will not perform as expected with audio or bipolar control voltage signals.

Width Depth +12V -12V +5V
12 hp 32 mm TBD TBD 0 mA