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Control Voltage Processor

The perfect buddy for any filter, oscillator, quantizer or VCA... in fact, it's the perfect buddy for anything you want to modulate. You can dial in your modulation to be exactly how you want.

  • Level/Attenuverter: positive attenuator or inverted attenuator.
  • Offset: Add a stable DC offset (positive or negative) to make sure the modulation is in exactly the range you need it.
  • Glide: Slew your signal to smooth it out for filter response or portamento.

The CVP can accurately process 1v/oct CV sources. The through output (indicated by the arrow graphic) is a buffered copy of the main output, so you can patch your sequencer to the CVP's input and patch the two outputs to different oscillators for musical intervals.

Width Depth +12V -12V +5V
4 hp 38 mm 16 mA 16 mA 0 mA