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Manual Voltage Processor

The MVP is a multi-function module combining several basic function blocks into one panel. There are three sections.

The top section has 3 bipolar attenuators (attenuverters) with LED indicators. With no cable plugged in to the inputs each one will output a +/-5V DC offset voltage.

The middle section is a mixer. There are 4 input channels which will all mix down to the "3-4" output unless a cable is inserted into the "1-2" output. In that event channels 1 and 2 will only appear at their own output — the two halves of the mixer section will therefore function independently. This section uses the same basic design and components as the Mix but with a somewhat more flexible layout.

The bottom section contains multiples — the left side is buffered and the right side is not. The small arrows on the panel indicate normalled connections behind the panel. The input jacks are indicated by the black surrounds.

Width Depth +12V -12V +5V
16 hp 45 mm 60 mA 60 mA 0 mA