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Morphing Terrarium Expander

The MTX is an expander module for the E350 Morphing Terrarium by Synthesis Technology. Its primary purpose is to provide two switches which allow you to access the "hidden" modes of the E350.

The MTX must be connected to the E350 itself using the included 3-pin connector cables. PCB markings show the correct connections, as well as the cable orientation. (Don't worry, if you get them backwards on your first try, nothing bad happens! The switches just work in reverse.)

The bottom section is a passive attenuator, making up for the lack of built-in attenuators on the E350.

The MTX is a passive module (no power required) but must be physically connected to the E350 to work. Longer connector cables are available upon request, just send an email to your retailer or contact Manhattan Analog directly and we'll sort you out.

Width Depth +12V -12V +5V
4 hp 30 mm 0 mA 0 mA 0 mA